Discussion Three

The foundation of Discussion Three is the notion that the difference between domestic and international order is one of degree, not one of type.  Ikenberry puts forth this point in his second chapter:

Ikenberry, G. John. After Victory. Ch 2: “Varieties of Order: Balance of Power, Hegemonic, and Constitutional.

Ikenberry references a work by Adam Przeworski on limiting the returns to power:

Adam Przeworski, Democracy and the Market (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1991).

George Kennan discusses the changing ideologies behind fighting wars, particularly the evolution of the concepts of total war and total victory, and the future of Russo-American relations:

Kennan, GeorgeAmerican Diplomacy. Pt I, Ch 4-6 and Pt. II: “World War I,” “World War II,” and “Diplomacy in the Modern World,” (esp. pp. 65-67, and 99-103); “Sources of Soviet Conduct,” and “America and the Russian Future.”


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